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Ketterer Spezialfahrzeuge AG a professional car company centered near Karlsruhe, Germany – can provide possible RV buyers with the exceptional and customized motorhome that’ll be the envy of the friends and neighbors. Favored by Europes skilled equestrian fraternity custom designed recreational vehicles and indy vans have moved as far afield whilst the Middleeast, Canada and also the Usa. The business presently makes around sixty vehicles annually and, as you might expect, these rigs dont come cheap. The basic 240hp Mercedes Benz Atego 1524L indy vehicle-motorhome mix retails for 188.500 (plus tax) thats a $280,000 hit for what’s to be the worlds most expensive horsebox (which will be the inexpensive one). You just got to appreciate these mounts. Spezialfahrzeuge AG Proven within an 800 square-metre facility in Karlsbad, Baden-Wrttemberg in beautiful Schwarzwald spot by Ulrike and Jordan Ketterer in 1990, the organization started lifestyle with just 3 workers but has grown to encompass a manufacturing design and sales force of 65. It had been a trim first few years if the then German world show-jumping success, but the Ketterers got their huge break in March 1995 – a luxurious mount vehicle was purchased by Franke Sloothaak from motorhomes‘ fledgling RV Companys „Professional“ array. For that reason, requests for Ketterers horse vans, promotional trucks and competition trucks arrived flooding in and by 2001 Ketterer could further enhance their motorhome line and their client appeal – by the addition of a twin 1.20 metre (4-foot) slide-out option to their units.

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This season, Ketterer launched their 10 metre „Continental“ RV line – having a 7 metre-long (1 metre wide) horizontal slide-out – which instantly won the 2010-2011 Caravanning Design „Inventions for New Freedom“ award along with the same year Ketterer popped their first international shop & assistance Hub in Didcot, Oxfordshire, in England. Located close to Blenheim Palace (residence of the annual 3-time mount studies) and inside a stones place of the battle programs at Ascot and Newbury, Didcot lies in the epicenter of Englands horse-racing and horse training marketplace and provides Ketterer using a perfect UK based sales program due to their product. Ketterer builds a number of specialist automobiles on frames ranked from 15-26 tons. Autos can be obtained mostly on the celebrated expedition class Mercedes Benz Actros 2536 R & 2544 M chassis, combined with the MB Atego 1524 L and GUY 18.360 TGX XXL chassis, although business in addition has built over a number of other chassis such as the Scania R 114 POUND and Gentleman TGA. Ketterers principal emphasis stays tightly mounted to the indy pickup industry they are the key manufacturer of Mount Vans in Europe – as well as their models include all-the elements which you could be prepared to discover in a horsebox along with a motorhome’s existing groups. Nonetheless, in addition they give you a 12 lot tandem trailer mount package for 3 to 6 mounts (along with a type of mobile saddle, finish and supply boxes) which allows shoppers to create a completely-prepared RV (with a car garage) that is separate in the horsebox. Its probably the portable stabling facilities that are amazing can attract equestrians around the beautifully appointed living areas can attract RVers. The motorhome’s horse box area includes both area slam and a rear with ramp gates as well as the overall moose area is equipped with a shock absorbing air-suspension process to make taking mounts as cozy as you can.

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Electric ventilators as well as a heat recorder make sure that the environment within this part of the car could be separately manipulated though the driver to check the mounts from the taxi is allowed by a video-surveillance technique. The living groups of the Ketterer RVs are simply breathtaking (check out the slideshow).Whether you go searching for their flagship „Double Pop Out“ around the MB Actros 2544 L framework or even the 7 metre whole-slip „Continental“ motorhome around the PERSON 18.360 TGX XXL framework the equipment stage and dcor are merely unbelievable. One advancement that is neat is the over cab mattress which falls in the threshold when you fold down the four chairs in the taxi, and these remedies that are clever such as a silver screen Television that sinks to the counter – are evident across the overall Ketterer product variety. Much of the inner decoration could be individually chosen from normal stone design and the modern mineral composite in Alcantara within the cabin and the toilet to the leather. It has been stated that mounts are miserable in the middle and hazardous at both ends but theres obviously no better approach to hauling them as opposed to Ketterer custom motorhome. S25 Megaspace Technical Info (varies by system): 185 m refrigerator/fridge mix, microwave with grill; Ceran cooking system and integral sink Water-cooled Diesel creator with 5,5 KW constant electricity three-level receiving program with 2 x120 AH volume Automatic AC (with heater)

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Heated, all-insulated water tank with 780 litres tankage (480l new water, 100l waste water, 200l dejection container) Diesel heating installation 3,5 kilowatt, thermostat controlled Avoiding camera and video monitoring of the mount drawer 32″ Flat Screen SAT Technique electronic with double LNB Home Cinema Surround System Contact: Ketterer Spezialfahrzeuge AG – 76187 Karlsruhe Tel: +49 (0) 721-16-0-830

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